Best Monochrome & Color Laser Printers 2016 + Wireless

Checkout the best monochrome (black and white) laster printers for 2016 and also, best color laser printers in 2016. List includes cheap laser printers in mono, color, all in one, inkjet, top wireless laser printers 2016.
If you want to buy a laser printer, will help you choose the best one for you. If you already have one, or are about to get one, will help get maximum value from it - beyond straight forward printing. Whether buying a new one for the first time, or replacing an older printer with a newer model, you will find these printers faster, smaller, more robust and cheaper than ever!

First let me dispel two myths I often hear and give you one truth.

Myth 1: Laser printers are expensive!
True once upon a time - not now! You can buy a new one for less than $100! And these printers for the office or business are more affordable than ever!

Myth 2: Laser printers are big clunky machines used by large businesses!
True once upon a time - not now! They are smaller and lighter - like many other things about computers! You can buy one that sits comfortably on your desk.

Truth: Laser printers give excellent quality print!
Truth: Laser printers give excellent quality print!

Quick guide to buying a laser printer

My starting point is always to ask - what printing do you want to do? Ask yourself:
  • black and white or color printing?
  • how much printing?
  • how many different computers to print to that printer?
  • print from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones?
  • print from anywhere using the Internet?
  • print on different media such as labels, envelopes, non-standard paper (heavier, lighter, bigger, smaller), transparencies photocopying, scanning and faxing as well?
Do you have a prefernce for the brand - HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, Samsung and others?
Thinking about these questions will help you choose the best one suited to your needs. Let's consider some aspects.

Best Laser Printer

People ask me "which is the best printer to buy"? However I believe there is no one best printer. Rather the question should be "which is the best one for me". Each person's situation is different depending on requirements and budget. Think carefully about the best laser printer for you to get the best value for your investment.

Cheap Laser Printers

Is your budget the main consideration? Maybe you are buying one for the first time and you don't want to spend too much. Or you want a basic printer for personal use. These printers are more expensive than ink jet printers - that is true. BUT they are also robust printers that give you great quality printing with fast printing speeds and lower running costs. - AND they are still pretty cheap too! The GOOD NEWS - you can buy them for less than $100! I even bought one for less than $50! And it prints wonderfully well. Still pretty cheap - don't you think? There are several cheap laser printers available from well known manufacturers such as HP, Brother, Dell, Samsung and Canon.

Black and White Laser Printers

Is normal black and white printing (letters, reports, fact sheets, general printing) all you need? A color printer costs more to buy and run. Consider black and white laser printers if black and white printing is all you need. Why pay more for something you don't need?

Laser Color Printers

However, sometimes there are good reasons for color printing. Image and information can be enhanced by color and help you achieve your goals - personal or business. Graphs and diagrams become more meaningful with color - useful for reports and college assignments. Involved in business? Then color in your fliers and brochures will enhance your image - and profitability! And these color printers are still pretty cheap - I bought one for less than $200!

All in One Laser Printers

Do you have a need to photocopy? Maybe you need to scan documents and/or send faxes as well. There are times when I want to photocopy and distribute a document (such as a statement, notice, will) which I do not have on my computer. And if I want it on my computer, I need to scan it. There are many documents and photographs you might want to scan into your computer. Perhaps you have discovered old photographs and documents of your family you want to store electronically. Easy to distribute then by email, CD/DVD or put onto your own family blog. And if you are thinking about busines, then photocopying, scanning and faxing are standard business requirements. An All in One Printer will do everything for you. This saves you space and money as you don't need a separate piece of equipment for each.

Wireless Laser Printers

Wireless printers (no physical connection between your computer and the printer) are becoming more popular as wireless networks become common in the office and at home. Quite simply - it means you do not have to be near your printer to print to it. In fact, you could be on the other side of the world!

And you can print from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets (eg ipad) and smart phones (eg iphone or android phones).

"You are walking in the city past a travel agency when you see a poster advertising a wonderful holiday in an exotic location. You want to convince your partner that you should both go on this holiday. You take a picture of the poster and send it to your printer at home where your partner can look at it. Your partner is so impressed they tell you to go ahead and book it!"

A wireless printer costs only a few dollars more than a conventional cable connected printer.

What make of Laser Printer should you buy?

There are a handful of well known reputable manufacturers of printers. I cannot say one is better than the others as they all produce good quality products. Technology changes rapidly so what is regarded as the best printer today could easily be overtaken by another in a few months time, which in turn is overtaken a few months later - and so on!

Remember my mantra - Get the most out of what you have! You can get a lot out of these printers - no matter who makes it. However the printer market is huge and the major manufacturers have invested heavily in this area. And the market is very competitive - so you can buy one at a good price!

The following are some of the well known manufacturers of printers:
  • Hewlett Packard - better known as HP - have been making printers for years.
  • Brother - a world wide corporation that has its origins in Japan.
  • Samsung - the giant high tech Korean manufacturer.
  • Dell - the American company that pioneered online purchasing of computers and accessories.
  • Canon - the company whose office products are found world wide.
There are other manufacturers as well such as Fuji Xerox and Lexmark amongst others.

Some people are loyal to a brand (eg HP) because they had good experiences with brand, or read a good review or get a recommendation from a friend or colleague. Other people look for the best deal at the time. Whatever your choice is - aim to get the best out of the printer you do have.


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