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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Services

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The success of your online business often depends on your ability to choose the best web hosting services available. Here are the aspects that you should consider when analyzing the hosting offers available:

Bandwidth or Data Transfer

Data transfer or traffic refers to the volume of information (measured in bytes) that can be transferred from your site to the users who visit it. Do not take the promises of those who state that they can offer you unlimited bandwidth for granted, because they have to pay for the bandwidth, and, if you use lots of it, the costs will be higher than what you pay to them. So, before purchasing any package, check for traffic details. Do not always go for those offering redundant bandwidth alone, as chances are that you will never be able to use it because of other resource limits.

Access Speed and Reliability

The best web hosting services must guarantee fast access and reliability, and state the minimum time for which your website will be functional. Only the uptime higher than 99-99.5% should be taken into consideration. Make sure that the host offers you a refund if the uptime drops below this figure. If there is no guarantee, the host will not ensure the best performance of its servers all the time.

Technical Support

The provider should offer technical support 24/7. In order to ensure the best web hosting, USA providers have staff working on weekends or public holidays to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Always test their technical support by sending them an email on a weekend or at midnight, in order to see if and how fast they respond.

Disk Space

Most web hosting providers offer unlimited disk space, but you will never need that much, so do not let this criteria influence your choice between the different services too much. In the beginning, a website needs no more than 20 MB of web space.

SSL (secure server)

SSL is an emerging factor especially for 2017 that Google and other search engines consider for ranking websites in SERP (search engine results page), as it ensure a secure website for visitors and gain trust. If you are using the website for business, this facility should be included in your plan, so that you can collect credit card payments on your site. MySQL, Perl, PHP, SSI, crontabs, .htaccess, telnet, FTP, they should all be included in the best web hosting package.

Control Panel

This facility allows you to control different features of your web account like managing, adding or deleting email addresses or changing passwords. If you had to check with their technical support staff every time, it would be a loss of time.

Web Server and Operating System

You may think that these are not so important, but you should pay attention to them too. For example, if you want to write or to use ASP programs, the best web hosting services for you would involve a Windows operated server. If not, you can go for Unix systems.


Although the price is very important, the most expensive packages are not necessarily the best, just as cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality.

Other Website Owners’ Feedback

What better way to evaluate a service than other users’ feedback? Of course, you need to read several reviews before making a decision, because people are subjective, and one negative review or one that is very enthusiast should not be enough to influence you decision on the best web hosting, USA based or not.

Hope you have now a good understanding of what kind of hosting you are going to need as per your website demand. While, If you missed that is a list of best web hosting companies for 2017 which I would confidently recommend you; feel free to check their packages by clicking them, BlueHost, Hostgator, GreenGeeks, iPage, Inmotion, and SiteGround. One thing more you should be aware before clicking these links that, I'm an individual but not an employee or part of my recommended web hosting companies. BUT, if someone buys a higher end hosting package straight after clicking links from this page, I will get some commission from hosting company which helps me to pay my bills. So, if my guide helps you picking a best web hosting company, you know what to do :) Many thanks!


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