Wednesday 27 November 2013

B.Dry a Handy Full Body Dryer | Concept

B.Dry, a handy full body dryer is an innovative concept by a French designer +Simon Lauwerier. Indeed towel gives more comfort when we use it to dry body after bath. But sometime especially in winter because of moisture towel takes time or even give unpleasant smell. However, towels are medically not recommended to use especially for sensitive areas like face, etc. because they are supposed to be first source of germs that comes in contact with clean body.
B.Dry seems to be the upcoming best alternative of towels. It is an hygienic handy full body dryer designed to remove the extra moisture (water droplets) from body surface by vaporizing process. After taking bath / shower you just need to wave it to the body. Dryer also has an option to set the blowing power to three different levels by twisting the B-Dry handle.

B.Dry a Handy Full Body Dryer

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There are two additional features; HEPA and Dyson Technology, in B.Dry that makes it hygienic and differ from an ordinary hair dryer. Dyson is the latest technology usually used in vacuum cleaners aimed to efficiently capture maximum microscopic dust particles from air by generating cyclone and, HEPA filter is placed in the lower section of B.Dry to filter 99.7% of germs and particles that have a size of 0.3 micrometer or more.

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B.Dry a handy full body dryer is fast, convenient, ecologic, hygienic, and efficient way to dry your body but, the problem is that at the moment it is only a concept device.
january 7 2016 - how many days until march 25 2016

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