Techij.com, officially launched in April 2013, and it is among the one of the popular technology blogs in the tech-savvy community. Techij's aim is to bring the latest updates from tech industry, covering Silicon Valley Startups, review the best mobiles, gadgets, apps, and helping users to find simple solutions to their everyday tech problems.

In April 2015, Techij.com has been acquired by KNOWN, an established group of companies from Pakistan.

Testimonials / Feedback

Solaborate: Be Where Tech Really Matters

"Your Publication led to an increased number of visits and to new users coming to try out our platform. We Really appreciate this!"
Labinot Bytyqi
Founder & CEO

Kusa Shoes - Grass Flip Flops

"KUSA's entire brand story have been driven by the net. Promotion and marketing no longer need to use traditional channels. Social media and the Blogosphere has been the key to our success over the last 2 years. Techij far surpasses the average site in both content and delivery"
-Yashin Radhakrishnan
MD Kusa Shoes


"Techij is a great source for app and customer electronic reviews and the latest in technology. Thank you for taking the time to review our mobile app, Everypost, and sharing with your followers!"
Fernando Cuscuela
Co-founder & CEO

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