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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What’s Slowing Down Your Business’s Wireless Broadband Connection?

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If there is one roadblock that is guaranteed to cause some degree of chaos in the office, it’s a slow or nearly non-existent Internet connection. If your business is experiencing some download or upload problems and causing your employees a lot of grief, here’s a quick guide on figuring out what the problem might be and how to solve it.

Before anything else, you need to check if your connection is actually running as fast as advertised by your Internet provider. In order to do that, you can run a test on sites such as, which will show you your upload and download rates. If you notice that your results are slower than you thought, consider the following:

Testing Your Expected Internet Speed

1. How far are you from the nearest exchange?

The farther away your business location is from your provider’s servers, the slower your connection will be because the data has to travel a farther distance. To ensure faster speeds, make sure to go with an Internet provider that has a server close to your location.

2. What is the average speed you can expect to get?

Often, the speed that providers advertise is the maximum potential, but what you actually get on a regular basis is much lower than that. To confirm, call your provider and ask for how fast you can realistically expect your connection to be.

Troubleshooting Slow Internet Connections

1. Are there are particularly large file transfers currently going on?

It should be a given, but if you are currently downloading or uploading something that is made up of thousands of megabytes, most of your connection will be hogged by that process. We are not just referring to individual file transfers, either. Some of the programs running in the background of your employees’ PCs might be sneakily using it up due to automatic downloads.

2. Are there any other devices currently connected to the Internet?

Yes, everybody’s always online, but having every single gadget hooked up to the network comes at a cost. If you have several phones, tablets, or even laptops using the same Internet connection, they will all end up using too much of the data allocated by your monthly plan. That leaves less room for your more important equipment to use. Encourage everybody at your department to turn off the wireless connections on their phones if they are not for work-related purposes to free up your router and hopefully speed things up.

We've outlined just a few of the useful questions you can ask when it comes to troubleshooting your slow connection, but there are definitely more ways you can speed up your company’s Internet. To circumvent most of these issues, make sure you've done your homework and signed up for only the best wireless broadband solution in your area. Your clients deserve only the highest quality services and products, so don’t settle for any second-rate networks, since quick access to information is crucial to the success of any business.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

iPhone 6S - Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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The iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6S plus is set to be released as some estimate to be during September and October. Like any iPhone, you want to make sure that you have a uniquely designed iPhone 6 cases to fit the phone. As the phones design has differences an iPhone 5 case likely won’t work on the iPhone 6. In this article we will look at how you can gain access to iPhone 6 cases.

Looking for iPhone 6s cases?

In this article we will look at the following:
The iPhone 6s Is Coming!
iPhone 6s Pro Cases And iPhone 6s Air Cases – An Essential For the iPhone 6s plus!
What To Look For When Buying iPhone 6S Cases?
Tips To Buying iPhone 6S Cases

Friday, 23 October 2015

3 Important Recent Inventions of the Printing Industry

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Today, we live within a technological milieu that is very different from even just a few years back. The world is very connected and is highly dependent on digital data. We send emails, do virtual bank transactions, submit forms online, and read e-books by the thousands.

Despite such advances however, the printed world is still alive and kicking. The hard copy is here to stay, simply because it remains very useful in a lot of different applications.

Paper has traditionally been our substrate of choice, but now, we print on a variety of other surfaces on objects that perform a multitude of functions. Quite recently, we even began printing actual objects, seemingly out of thin air. Thanks to our new additive manufacturing technologies, we are now able to utilize model data to print three-dimensional objects that can be used for a range of purposes.

3D Printing

3D printing is actually the first item on our list of important recent inventions that revolutionized the printing industry. Read on to find out what the others are.

3D Printing

As mentioned, 3D printing gained wide acceptancein recent years, particularly during the first decade of the 21st century. Its origins, however, date back to the 1980s, when the first prototype 3D printing devices were originally developed.

At that time, the three-dimensional objects were typically printed using modified inkjet printer heads, whichaccomplished the process bydepositing successive layers of polymer even asthe material is quickly cured with ultraviolet light. Today, 3D printing can also be done using other techniques like extrusion deposition and sintering.

3D printing offers a lot of benefits for people who want to manufacture or engineer new products. The process makes it possible for prototypes to be created with ease, for customization to be accomplished effortlessly, and for rapid manufacturing to be carried out without the usual exorbitant costs.

Because 3D printing makes it possible to synthesize specialized objects with unique geometries, it has also become instrumental in scientific research and in the development of new, useful technologies.

Remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges

Before there were alternatives to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) printer ink and toner products, consumers had no choice but to purchase outrageously costly original cartridges. Ink products were so expensive that they often cost even more than luxury fragrances per unit of weight.

If you’re old enough, you may remember ink and toner refill kits. They were difficult to use effectively and were very messy. Thus, the introduction of remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges greatly democratized the industry. Finally, consumers were given the choice whether to purchase the more expensive OEM variants or to gain value by choosing alternative products instead.

Remanufactured printer cartridges are high-quality recycled cartridges. These recycled cartridges go through a lot more than the simple refilling kits. The remanufacturing process involves the use of advanced cleaning, refilling, and sealing techniques to give the used cartridges a new lease on life.

On the other hand, compatible printer cartridges are newly made cartridges. Like the remanufacturing process, the production of compatible printer cartridges is also held to high standards, so the resulting products typically match or even outperform OEM products when it comes to quality.

Both these types of alternative printer cartridge products are more affordable options for consumers, but in terms of environment-friendliness, remanufactured cartridges are favored by advocates of sustainable use of resources.

According to the non-profit organization Earth Share, remanufacturing uses up to 80% less energy than manufacturing new cartridges, and every old cartridge that is recycled saves about a gallon of petroleum.

Biodegradable printer ink

Biodegradable printer ink was first introduced during the oil crisis of the 1970s when nations in the Middle East imposed an oil embargo against the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, and Japan following these countries’ involvement in Israel’s war against Egypt and Syria.

Oil was important to the ink manufacturing industry since the production of conventional ink products required the use of petroleum-based oil. Anticipating the negative impact that the embargo would have on the ink manufacturing industry, researchers developed ink products that made use of non-edible vegetable oil instead.

Because of their vegetable oil content, biodegradable ink products don’t produce as much chemical emissions as traditional inks. Thus, they are better for people’s health and for the environment. Additionally, the use of biodegradable ink is also beneficial for recycling endeavors since this type of ink is much easier to separate from paper and other materials compared to conventional variants.

The printing industry is continuously evolving. As the needs of people and businesses change, we can expect more printing innovations in the future that will forever change how we use and experience this technology, which has been in existence since the dawn of civilization.

Monday, 17 November 2014

How to restore deleted pictures with EaseUs Data Recovery Software

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The use of computers has increased immensely these days and people use it to store every bit of data within it. This includes important business related data, emails, important scanned documents or photos. Talking about photos they are quite precious for every individual and  use of digital camera have made people to store it on their computer systems, disks or drives instead of making a copy of it. However it is important to understand that these photos may get deleted or may be lost due to some error in the system and it is important that some precautionary steps are taken to save one from such loss. Some measures can be taken to protect the photos from getting deleted and procedures can be learnt to recover deleted pictures from the system.

EaseUs Data Recovery Software

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Heart Beat Charger For Mobile Phones and Medical Implants

To keep mobile phone in use nobody can deny mobile charger importance but, if you are on a trip and there is no electricity around you, then like other electronic items mobile charger would be useless. Now a days many countries has also power issues and they don't seem to going to solve soon however, at least you don't need to worry about mobile phone charging. Because probably the future smartphones could get charging straight from your heart beat.

heart beat mobile battery

A combined team of researchers from China and United States has developed a quite thin battery, implantable in body and, it is responsible to supply electricity to Pacemaker. This quite thin battery can produce electricity by converting a continuous vibrational movement either of lungs, heart, or even of a Diaphragm (a thin muscular sheet forming a partition in between abdomen and thorax).

According to developers this technology can also be used to power the other electronic gadgets like cell phones. The implant is made up of a bio material (plastic), and contained Lead Zirconate Titanate Nanoribbons consisted very small sized Piezoelectric power generating plants. This implant also contain an integrated rectifier to convert electric signals (AC) into direct current to flow in one direction with in a rechargeable battery.

Till now this technology has tested successfully only in cows by implanting two batteries at the same time on a single heart to accumulate the maximum output energy. And hopefully at first this technology will be use to provide electricity to medical devices. According to the developers of this technology that, currently various kind of medical implants are in use that requires a continuous source of energy to keep them working. These medical implants include implantable cardioverter defibrillators, heart rate monitor circuits, neural stimulators, and pacemakers.

In future if any of these devices can get power straight from body's natural vibration than this implantable micro battery would be a winning alternative. Specially for developed countries where some new generation consider even mobile chargers as a bulky burden. On the other hand I'm quite sure that many people would feel fine with wireless and wall outlets for charging mobile. Well there is also a little suspect that such kind of implants can cause some bad effect on heart performance after certain time period.

Source: Mail Online
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