Wednesday 25 January 2012

Can you believe this? Unscheduled load shedding has ended: Naveed Qamar — May be at his house!!

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Water and Power. Syed Naveed Qamar on Tuesday said that unscheduled load shedding. both for industrial and domestic consumers. has ended after Improving power generation hee was talking to a delegation of Sialkot Chamber of Conunerce and Indus-*. who called on him along with NINA Khawaja Asir The minister said that electricity Sues of expon oriented industry of Sialkot would he resolved on priority and etfints would be made for smooth power supply to the industry for maximum duration he said that due to canal closure the gap between de-mand and supply had widened.
However. the demand-supply gap is being managed through maximum generation fron thermal plants The Minister also directed CEO of Gutranwala Electric Sup-ply Company to visit Sialkot Chamber and finalize load man-agement plan He also asked Sialkot Chamber to identify the names of nulustfial dommatiM teeders so that proper arrangements may be made to provide them uninterrupted power supply Earlier. President. Sialkot Chamber of Commerce. Naeem Anwar Qureshr said that Sialkot is facing problems due to power outages and asked the minister to resolve It on priority so that they may be able to complete their export consignmnents lonely to earn foreign exchange for the country He assured that the industrialists will co-operate the government and find out amicable solution with the help of Gepco and NPCC —Agencies. 

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