Saturday 28 January 2012

New AFTER SHOCK Headphones | Transmit Voice to Ear Through Malar Bone

AFTER SHOCK headphones
When musician heathen lost his hearing then he attached a metallic wire with piano and one end in his mouth and because of it he can again able to hear the voice of piano because vibrations of piano directly goes to internal ear.  This same idea is being used in new AFTER SHOCK headphones.  In Las Vegas consumer electronics show these headphones are will go place first time. In these headphones by using a special power voice is being directly transmitted through malar to internal ear.
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 These are also called Bone Conducting Headphones and are specially designed for use in during exercise. Special Forces and Police men are already using this technology but it is new for people. Because of this technology runners and peoples who doing exercise can easily hear a low volume voice because by these headphone mechanism not waste voice, that’s why they are also become popular in other classes soon. Voice is directly gone through malar bone to internal ear.

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