Sunday 29 January 2012

Super Fast camera | Which can Caught a Ray of Light | MIT

Super Fast camera |
Which can Caught a Ray of Light | MIT
Speed of light is too fast. And till now no one camera can caught it. But now such a Super Fast camera is innovate which can caught light in a picture. As experimentally with the help of this camera a picture of a ray is taken which transferred from one place to another place in a fraction of second.

 According to   Massachusetts  university Institute of Technology this camera is innovated but as use for commercial it took some time. Take a picture of billion of part of a second is not a simple thing. We can use this camera in many of important fields in our life, for example we can caught the way of photons that how they travel in our world. This camera also can take a 3-D pictures, because it can also caught the photons from inside. And a speed for each shutter is equal to 1.7 Pico Seconds, which is billion trillion part of a second, and if feels like a light travel in motion., and you can see light motion. This is highest of camera, because there is nothing which is speed is greater than the speed of light. And the amazing thing is that its size is not too big, its size is only equals to the normal DustBin. And you can make a slow motion movie of light particles. MIT scientist are very happy on their ths innovation.   

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