Saturday 4 February 2012

Effect of Reaching 45 Years of Age on Brains Working Ability

Brains working virtue decreases after crossing the age of 45 years. According to the report by researchers of University College London which was published in medical journal of British that after crossing the 45 years of life by men and women, there was a 3.6 percent decrease in brain's working ability is to be observed.
They did survey on seven thousand people of age between 45 to 70 years, and valuate the memory, understanding and vocabulary in a time of 10 years. This research disprove the older research according which there is no decrease in human brain working ability comes before the age of 60 years.

Researchers says that this research also helps to treat Dementia is beginning, mean at that time when people forgot the place of things where they placed it. And if you want's that your brain's works good for a long time and mainly after the age of 45-60 years then you should have to first maintain's heart working, which is possible by controlling blood pressure, high cholesterol, by stop smoking, by doing exercise because all these things gives effect on your veins transferring blood to your brain. 

Hannah Jones

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