Saturday 11 February 2012

Top 10 Smallest Sea's of The World

Our world's 75 percent of area is covered by seas, and we know that water is the world's first and foremost medicine, and the land which was in contact with sea we use it as a beach as a place of healing and joy.
We also use sea for finding foods, for travelling, for transporting goods, etc. Hence sea's are becomes and remains the part of life, and the countries which comes in contact with sea's got very benefits. So sea's are also big and small like everything on earth, so now here i am going to share list of seas which are to be ranked as the smallest seas  in the world.

S.No        Sea                             Area in SQ KM
1              Gulf of California             153,100
2              Persian Gulf                    230,000
3              Yellow Sea                     293,960
4              Baltic Sea                       382,000
5              North Sea                      427,000
6              Red Sea                         452,990
7              Black Sea                       507,900
8              Andaman Sea                 564,880
9                  East China Sea                     664,590
10            Hudson Bay                   730,120

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  1. Sea of Marmara is the smallest sea. Its area is 11350 sq km. It connects the black & Mediterranean sea.

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  3. Its interesting...How you find such amazing facts

  4. I am still confused which is the smallest sea of the world.. abouttopic

  5. This is incorrect. The Adriatic sea and others are much smaller than some on this list.

  6. How about the Sea of Mamara, the Dead Sea, the sea of Azov, the Adriatic etc?

  7. Hello.
    One Indian Sea does not exist, as it is the indian ocean and is the third largest ocean in the world with an area of ​​73,427,000 km. square represents 20% of the world's surface and within its surface lies the Red Sea.
    To all who answered the Caribbean Sea, I regret to say that they are wrong.
    Since the Caribbean Sea is the 4th largest beach in the world, with an area of ​​2.5159 million square kilometers, has a maximum depth of 7680 m. and is also known as as the sea of ​​the Antilles.
    Also answer to the Dead Sea, this could be true and I had an area of ​​1025 km2 and was annexed to the Mediterranean Sea, but currently evaporation has an area of ​​625 square miles and has been listed as a lake, which survives for scarce waters of the Jordan River and other small streams east.
    The world's smallest sea is the sea of ​​Marmara with an area of ​​11,471 square kilometers and maximum depth of 1219 m.
    There may be some other smaller sea that may not know.
    As additional data the world's largest sea is the Coral Sea with an area of ​​4.791 million km. squares and maximum depth of 9165 m.
    Atlas books.