Thursday 22 March 2012

Are you Lazy, Sluggish? | Understand Your Emotional Style

Are you Lazy, Sluggish? Understand Your Emotional Style and get know about personality
More quickness and more competition means more stress, this period is such a period in which everything and work got speed, and in this condition to understand your emotional style and if needed then to change it is necessary, otherwise you will be left back or can't work with speed time.This scale was introduced by scientists is unique and first in its type and by learn it, you can know about yourself either you are weak or strong in sense of emotions, can you overcome your imperfections and improve your skills, and you can also know solution of many problems by learn this scale.
When your mood is off, how much did you have ability to resolve any unpleasing condition? Know multiple things about yourself by answering these below questions.

      1.       If you have minute dispute with any your friend, relative or wife, for example, why that work was not completed at time? Then did you be angry for hours or for some days on this issue?

      2.       I f someone overtakes your car during driving then did you leave anger instantly instead for long time?

      3.       If you were suffer from any shock, like your relative life issue or etc then will your performance be affected for several months means you will remain in shock for long time?

      4.       If you make mistake during work and you will also be punished, then did you instantly forget it or take it as learning experience?

      5.       If you go to any restaurant and found a bad service with bad food then this grief will plunder your whole day?

      6.       If you stuck in a traffic jam, and then after getting out from it did you remember this condition and keep anger on that situation?

      7.       If in your house a general thing is wastes then your mood will not become bad because you planned to repair it by calling smiths?

      8.       If you met with your favorite personality and you will invite him to meet again and he refuses it then will your mood becomes miserable for some hours or days?

      9.       If your name was listed in some professional award or for promotion but if this was given to some your friend which is you think was less deserver than you will not dishearten you and instantly change your mood to well?

      10.   If in any ceremony you met with any your favorite personality and he ask question from you and you can’t give him answer correctly, then after leaving him will the past moment continuously replaying in your mind and you will thinking that “I have to give that answer instead of that one”. And this lamenting will remain in your mind after some hours or days?

Now the turn of answers and score comes. If you give answer YES for question number 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10, then give 1 point yourself per question, and give 0 if you give answer zero. And give 1 mark per each question (question number 2, 4, 7 and 9) if you give answer YES.

Then check your result, if your score is greater than 7 then it means you are lazy or sluggish in recover from bad mood or emotional aggressive and facing difficulties. And if your score is less than 3 it means you recover rapidly and make your mood well in time.

So whats your score..?..and what you found about yourself...share here without shame.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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