Friday 9 March 2012

Feel an Image by Touching Screen | New Touch Screen | Tixels by SENSEG

Feel an Image by Touching Screen  New Touch Screen  Tixels by SENSEGThe new next generation of touch screen is been made. I know that many of you should know about pixels, but now TIXELS are also jumped up in technology world. And by using tixels you can also feel the image by electrostatic effects dials, buttons and textures will become visible and you can feel by touching them.
New advanced mobiles are loaded by HAPATICs, this is an advanced vibration affect and any thing which you type on screen is also feel-able by touching. Now SENSEG introduce a new technology, in which electronic current use in such a way that it can give a texture feeling to a finger and if you want you can create such images by this technology in which you can feel images like real by touching them, for example if you paint a wall then by placing finger on it you can feel it as real. You can feel a porosity of a wall, and everything which you feel is like a reality. And now new advanced smart phones and tablet computers using and will use it on a large scale, and soon this tixels technology available in market.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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