Wednesday 14 March 2012

Now Your Heart Beat is Your Password | by Chinese Scientists

Now Your Heart Beat ecg is Your Password  by Chinese ScientistsKnow the purpose of heart beating? One of its purpose is that scientist make it a computer password. And now you can unlock your computer by just touching it. And one of the most interesting fact reveals about heart beat is that like everybody's finger print, everyone's heart beat is dissimilar.
Means nature shows his wonder in also heart beats. And Chinese scientist convert this heart beat wonder into mathematics and use it as a password. Its mean now you can easily be say to someone that you are beat of my heart, i will always remember you as my heart beat, because you cannot change your heart beat and no ones can copy it.
In image you can see that scientist take a ECG report of heart beat by hand and then convert it into password. This is  new way of bio-metric identity. Scientists says they get the secret of everyone's different heart beat. And the number which comes through it will be use as a password. Means everybody heart beats number is different. What is your heart beat number?, never tell it to anyone because passwords are not for expose. This system will be more better because as you touch your computer for working it will starts work after checking your heart beat.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

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