Tuesday 15 May 2012

8 Ways for Boys/Girls to Save Mobile Numbers from Unknown Callers

In our previous post(Unknown Mobile Calls by Strangers | How they are and how they get Girls Mobile Numbers) I discuss who are strangers and how they get numbers of girls or unknown persons or what sources they use to get the numbers from their local area. The majority of these unknown callers are belonging to Pakistan and India. I don’t know why they belong to these countries, but I think the simplest answer of this question or the main reason of why Pakistani’s or Indians hit search on internet as girls’ mobile numbers, etc is that they have lack of feeling and education.

how to stop unknown callers to call on girls mobile number

So I collect and arrange some points which I think they will help you, these are total 8 ways (this is not final, I will surely add some new ways as I soon get know about them). To get protect from such attacks atleast you should have to follow below following instructions,
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1.       First of all make sure that the person whom you given your number is good person, means a person on which you can easily trust on it, without any doubt. Otherwise not give number to anybody, or in other words not all hand shakers are friends. The purpose of this point is that make sure that the person who is going to add your number in his/her contact list should be trustful person, if not then apologize from him/her , this is little bit difficult but your this act will surely help to make safe your number from strangers.

2.       Try to avoid go yourself to shop for balance load, if go give priority to purchase mobile balance card instead of easy load; this will give surety that your number will not leak in market. Or if you are Ufone or Zong customer then you can also use Ufone smart code or similar to Zong to keep your number secret even when you are recharging though Ushare.

3.       The another way to save your number from strangers is to never allow anybody else to make calls or send messages from your set, because in case of message reply or call back ( even from a known buddy, cousin or friend) your get revealed to them and they can misuse it.

4.       Don’t receive calls from unknown numbers, because according to my experience 90% of these calls are prank calls. And for this purpose you can also announce in your family or social gathering that you will not receive their calls in case of calling from unknown numbers.

5.       Never give your mobile numbers to any website, like facebook or any other else. But if it is necessary to submit your number then make sure that your number will not visible on your profile. If it is visible then quickly go and either removes it or hide. For example in case of facebook, many people submit their numbers for getting facebook notifications, etc, and after that this number will be visible on your profile, as contact information. You can hide it by going in edit option.

6.       The majority of mistakes by which your number go to unknown person are from CV (curriculum Vitae). Yes in many cases people upload their CV’s on professional or job websites, like Linkedin.com, etc. in which they give their numbers and emails for contact, so specially for girls avoid spreading your CV’s on social or professional websites as I mention above. And in so many cases we also forget to delete our CV’s from computers of School, universities or internet CafĂ©. And also make sure that your CV is not place on desktop of your computer, for precaution places it in any inner or subfolder. Because in few cases it is seen that computer repairers, or internet dealers or any your relative or friend use your computer, so don’t give them easy chance to grab your CV or contact from it.

7.       The best method to save your number from unknown callers or messengers is to buy 2 mobile connections or SIMs, use one SIM as your Primary SIM, and give it contact information to only your trustful gathering. And use second SIM as a secondary SIM, it didn’t means that give your secondary number contact information to anybody, give this mobile number only their where you think that it is necessary. Like in CV’s or to your social gathering.

8.       The other way to get save from unknown callers is, when you receive any stranger call or message, then quickly go in your mobile option, and tag or enter this number in blacklist. This offer is available in almost new sets, but in case if it is not available then contact to your network service and tell them about it. And give your complain with request to block that number (stranger’s number) permanently.

I hope that this topic will give little help to you people and specially girls. The purpose of this topic is to give awareness and give courage to you, that don’t be nervous from such unknown calls and messages from strangers.

My humble request to you people is that please share this post if you found it helpful. And I know that you people are genius and know more tips, so please more tips/suggestions in comments! But no Spamming. Thanks

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


  1. superb post.... i am male, but i am still receiving unknown calls and messages from multiple of unknown numbers, and even sometimes i send them a message that why are you bothering me, iam a boy here not a girl..and times i call back... then they stop sending messages.. BTW nice post..and thanks for shring..:D

  2. iam using 2 mobile connections..and i called my one connection as a Professional connection, because i didnt give it any unrelated person, and the second mobile number i spread it in my friends, and use it for social purpose.
    keep it up bro, this is different type of post from your old post having technology information, but i like this post because it also tell us how some people misuse technology..and bothered peoples..Thanks