Wednesday 11 July 2012

New DELL Laptop XPS 14 Review | Features | Price

new dell ultrabook laptop xps 14 display keypad 2012This is first time that DELL put their hands in work to make UltraBook. This is Dell XPS 13 UltraBook, and a successful laptop. With smart style this machine has all new advancements and one of best in its kind.

Now their new model of Dell Ultrabook is XPS14, and in feature it is 1 inch large in size than the last one. So, that’s why it has more space for ports and also has more pixels. This new model is also more polished than previous one, because it has more speed.

Dell new XPS 14 UltraBook has attractive body of Aluminum, and constitutes on rubber pad. And have a Ring for speakers. In back at left it has space for hole for AC Adapter, Ethernet, HDMI, Mini Display port and for pair of USB ports. And at right they give space for security, SD Card and Headphone Microphones.

In XPS 13 SD Readers was missing, but which now provide in new model. However, XPS 13 have battery charge indicator, which is not available in SPX 14. The weight of DELL XPS 14 laptop is 2.1 kilogram (Kg), thickness is only 22.7 millimeters (mm), and 13.2 inch (in) wide. Keyboard is similar to previous one, but has outstanding display with excellent pixels on 14 inch display.

new dell ultrabook laptop xps 14 adopter ports usb

new dell ultrabook laptop xps 14 multiple ports at back

new dell ultrabook laptop xps 14 SD card

new dell ultrabook laptop xps 14

new dell ultrabook laptop xps 14

And it is available in Pakistan and India too, and its price is $1.1K in USD.

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