Saturday 28 July 2012

Nokia Lumia outsells iPhone and Android Smartphone’s

Nokia Lumia has not been the success that was anticipated in 2012, however, has shown that Sales of Nokia Lumia are not as bad as they appear to be.

nokia lumia 800

A recent study has confirmed that it has sold more units of Nokia Lumia on initial launch iPhone and Samsung.

Recently we told you that Nokia did not get the expected results with the Nokia Lumia because sales of the product betrayed the very high expectations that the company of Finland had for this new Smartphone.

But despite the alleged deception, a study by the company Strategy Analytics, where Lumia has determined that Nokia has sold about 6.9 million units worldwide, which are mainly caused sales recently, as in the last recorded period, Nokia reported sales of 4 million Smartphone’s Lumia.

This, although not enough is a triumph for the company, because during the time after its launch, iPhone sold 3.7 million units, while Smartphone’s from Samsung had sales of 1.3 million devices in its initial release.

Lumia line of Smartphone’s may be achieved if the means of salvation that Nokia is waiting, as though lost in Nokia reported its fiscal first quarter , Nokia Lumia could help to stabilize a little more this and who knows ? Achieve carve out a promising future in the competitive market of Smartphone’s today.
nokia lumia 800nokia lumia 800
nokia lumia 800

nokia lumia 800

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