Friday 31 August 2012

Why Streaming to home computers is next logical step for cable service providers after Smartphone apps?

There are several dish networks, such as Dish Network in Spain, that offer great services to the subscribers. Cable service providers are extremely in demand, as in today’s world, one cannot really live without cable television.

People are hooked onto television and religiously follow their favorite shows. Not only do they catch the program on television, but they often also enjoy them on their Smartphone’s and computers.

Looking at the growing obsession with television shows, the most logical move for cable companies is to make their services available on computers.
Why Streaming to home computers is next logical step for cable service providers after Smartphone apps?

There are several reasons why this would be a profitable venture. Most people miss their television shows because they are either at work or out when the show is on. They have no option but to DVR the show, watch a repeat telecast, or stream on the computer.

However, there is a section that does not really like to sit in front of a TV. Some people enjoy watching shows on the monitor, and not the TV screen.  There is a huge chunk of audience that these cable providers are losing on. All that they need to do to attain their attention is to make the cable service available on home computers.

Some people do not really have two television sets at home. Some don’t find it justified, while some cannot afford it. However, most people have a home computer. The remote fight is quite infamous, as the one with the remote gets to decide what would be watched. However, if cable services become available on home computers, then this problem would also be solved to a great extent.

It would be like having two television sets, and the people will have better options to watch television. On a certain day, if a person is working on the computer, and cannot leave it to watch the favorite show, then the person can enjoy that show on computer. It will solve a lot of problems for everyone.

Surveys show that a huge chunk of people watch television on their computers. Some stream videos legally, while some choose the illegal means. It is high time that cable providers consider these audiences, as they can help increase their profits.

A recently conducted poll stated that people do not really prefer streaming videos from websites, as the videos are often not of high quality and a lot of precious time is wasted in buffering. It is a given that they would pay fee to get their favorite shows on their computer screens.

It won’t be long before cable service would be launched for home computers. People can already watch their favorite shows on their Smartphone’s, thanks to the amazing Smartphone apps. However, they are not really very happy with it, as watching their favorite shows on the small screen of a phone is not really the best experience. They want to enjoy their favorite shows in a grand fashion, and for that they want them on their LCDs.

It is not really a very difficult task to make this service available. Cable providers need to brainstorm about this, and come up with an easy and affordable solution. Both these points must be paid attention to, as the service has to be affordable. If it is out of people’s range, then it won’t be of much value, as they will not be able to afford it.

Initially, the service might be a little expensive; however, cable providers have to make sure that they use the best and most affordable resources to give a good and cheap service. It is already rumored that some big cable providers are to launch cable service for home computers in the next few months. However, nothing has been confirmed in this regard by anyone.

One might need special permission and licenses before fully venturing into the field. But, given the demand, it won’t be very difficult to secure a license.

You can enjoy your favorite channels and shows on your television or Smartphone screen until the availability of cable services on home computers becomes a reality. Dish Network in Spain is a very good dish service that provides multiple channels and excellent customer care.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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