Tuesday 11 September 2012

iPhone 5 and Launch Date: what Apple has told us officially about it?

As the hours pass to start the Apple event in which we will see the iPhone 5 debut, the truth is that we are dying of the desire to know more about the terminal, and the secrecy of Apple rumors has grown , leaks and expectations. However, as there is nothing, the company Apple has already released the promotional video of what we are going to present, because we all knew already several weeks that the iPhone 5 would be the protagonist, but also reach other things, as the new iPod tomorrow itself.

iphone 5 new design

And while it's true that the iPhone 5 official video released by Apple, does not tell us too much that we did not know already, because it speaks of the new design, which we had almost record and focuses on a few exterior features leaving room we imagine that new iPhone, at least confirms some of the doubts that might have been.

For those who do not know how they'll expect tomorrow, and are convinced that they will make the queue on launch day at the Apple Store, there is the video of the iPhone 5 and what Apple has told us officially on it.

Apple has made official a video that lets us see how the iPhone 5 will be.

Hannah Jones

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