Friday 7 September 2012

New Double Barrel Pistols | Arsenal Firearms

Double Barrel Pistols | Arsenal FirearmsDid you ever saw or heard about a pistol having two barrels? I’m pretty sure your answer will be in NO. But surely you saw, heard or used double barrel guns which are being used from past 1 century. Now on the same pattern the new revolvers are designed having two barrels. Arsenal Firearms are the manufactures of these double barrel pistols. And in first sight it looks like that two hand guns are joined together.  

With AF2011-A1 Double barrel pistol two bullets comes out at the same time and you can fire 16 rounds in just 3 seconds. Arsenal Firearms make these unique guns for the occasion of Colt1911-A1 100th Birthday. In Second World War such designs are the most favorite weapon of army.
Double Barrel Pistols | Arsenal Firearms

Except the two barrels all of the parts of AF2011-A1 are combined in order to provide easier handling, in operating, and for safety purpose. And it’s up to owner whether he want to fire double bullets at a time or one by one by pressing right and left triggers separately.

In this pistol 16 rounds of .45ACP are distributed in two columns which can loadable in form of a magazine.  According to Firearm these can be usable in similar way of 0.45 calibers handguns and surprisingly its shots are also having accuracy. For example from the range of 15 yards it’s all bullets can hit at make holes at the space of a orange and from the range of 25 yards they can sieve a space equals to a watermelon. 

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