Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Best of Multimedia Device Designs for iPhone and iPad Cases

There’s no limit to what the iPhone can do. Through the functionality of iPhone apps, your iPhone can turn into any multimedia device, be it for video, photography, or music. Why not take that experience a notch higher by means of these iPhone and iPad cases?

As a Camera:

With the advanced camera features of the iPhone, it is now a possibility that the iPhone can replace digital cameras. In fact, “iPhonography” is coined from the concept of using iPhone for casual or leisure photography.
iphone camera cases new style

Who wouldn’t love the functionality of an iPhone as a camera? With the help of apps, you can also edit photos and upload them in an instant. And to take your experience to a new level, here are cool iPhone cases that can transform your smart phone to a personal camera.
iphone camera new cases

As Cassette Tapes:

Remember listening to ‘80s and ‘90s music through your Sony Walkman? That memory will not be complete without the image of cassette tapes winding in your head. And if you are nostalgic about the early glory days of music, you can revive your Walkman experience without the hassle of re-spooling played cassette tapes.

iphone cassette tape cases new style
Through these cassette tape-inspired iPhone cases, you will surely stand out among other iPhone users. They also come in various colors and styles. Just be careful of curious elders who may pick it up and attempt to load it in their cassette players.

As a Sound Recorder:

If you are a frustrated or a struggling reporter or detective, you can still embody that pet-peeve by transforming your iPhone into a sound recorder.

This is designed by Pieter Dom as inspired by the investigative series Twin Peaks. He dubbed it as “Diane” after the memorable scene where the protagonist, Dale Cooper, records his observations and addresses them to a mysterious woman named Diane.

As a Video Game Arcade:

If you can’t get enough of games, why not try a new experience with your iPad through this video arcade case?
ipad arcade cases new

Meet the iCade. More than just a case or holder, it has joystick and button functions which can be used to play arcade games on your iPad via Bluetooth connection. Once you slide the iPad in place, the connection is automatically activated and your iPad now becomes a game console.

ipad arcade cases stylish
This innovation was developed by ThinkGeek and ION, as supported by Atari—one of the biggest names in video arcade production.

As a Video Camcorder:

If video-graphy is your niche, Owle Bubo works as a functional iPhone case that upgrades your iPhone into quality video camcorders. This case has a built-in 37mm macro lens with movable microphone, suitable for capturing high quality videos.
iphone camcorder cases new

In choosing cases for your iPhone or iPad it is important to consider three things: (1) it is durable enough to prevent unexpected costs of iPhone repair; (2) it has exceptional style; and best of all (3) it has features which would complete your iPhone experience.

Which style are you most interested with? Tell us through your comments below.

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