Saturday 8 September 2012

Dell ultrabook XPS Duo 12 and XPS 10 Tablet shows up at IFA

Dell has been awfully quiet since their release of Dell Duo, a tablet-laptop hybrid that was well ahead of its time. Well, save for the fact that it was incredibly slow. At last week’s IFA, the company teased us with Dell XPS Duo 12, a formidable follow-up to the 2010 model. Dell XPS Duo 12 is expected to be faster than the previous release since it will be running Windows 8 and belongs to the high-end XPS family of laptops. In addition to XPS Duo 12, Dell also announced XPS 10 Tablet which has a removable keyboard dock. As the broadband connection and computer products has been tremendously fast growing, Dell products are getting more competitive in technology world as well.

Dell XPS Duo 12

Dell XPS Duo 12 features a swivel-screen design much like its predecessor. The display is hinged on both left and right ends of what appears to be a thin outer frame. Such design allows the screen to swivel vertically. If you flip it to 180 degrees and close the clamshell, the screen will be pointing outwards whilst its back conceals the keyboard. Compared to the original, XPS Duo 12 is undeniably thinner and therefore more ultrabook-esque. It has a backlit keyboard and a large buttons-free touchpad smacked in the center of the bottom edge.

Dell ultrabook XPS Duo 12
The convertible has a touch-enabled display and will be supported by Windows 8. The screen will have a full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels which allows for sharp text and vibrant images or videos. Build quality is exceptionally sturdy as it is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Protecting the display is a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass.

Dell XPS 10

Dell XPS 10 Tablet has a more conventional design although it’s more of a tablet despite its inclusion of a keyboard dock. The tablet can be used separately from the keyboard since it’s detachable. It will be running Windows RT, a variant of Windows 8 for devices with ARM processors. Prior to the announcement of Dell XPS 10 Tablet, rumors of a device called Latitude 10 also surfaced. Unlike XPS 10, Latitude 10 will have an Atom processor and Windows 8 OS.

dell xps 10 tablet new
No release date or pricing has been announced at IFA but shipments of both XPS Duo 12 and XPS 10 are expected to arrive before this year comes to an end. Dell XPS Duo 12 will be marketed as a gaming laptop so we can expect it to be priced slightly higher than most conventional tablet-laptop hybrids.

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