Saturday 15 September 2012

New LG World Biggest 3D Ultra High Definition TV | Features and Price

For amateur natured customers or buyers LG electronics recently introduced their World’s largest new Ultra High definition 3D TV in market.  In comparison with Sharp’s model which have 90 inches screen TV LG’s TV screen is only 84 inches which is smaller, but they uses 4K feature in its biggest TV which is more advanced picture format.  In LG a total of 8 million pixels per frame are appear on screen which is 4 times greater than the 1080p High Definition (HD) display.

lg 84 inch 3d ultra definition ud TV new

Currently the TV market is mostly dominated by Samsung, but still LG hopes that there new Ultra High Definition (UD) TV technology will set up new records of popularity. Toshiba company already launched a smaller TV of 55 inch 4k screen’s TV, while Panasonic’s 4K, 20 inch model is already in market. In addition to Sony Samsung was also in this competition race and soon they will unveil their some smart TV against LG.

lg 84 inch 3d ultra definition ud TV new
The price of new LG 84 inch UD 3D TV by this South Korean company is approximately $22.1k USD, which are approximately 20 lacs in Pakistani currency. Definitely it’s not a small amount so; it is less attractive for buyers.
lg new UD 3d tv

It is worth mentioning that in all over the world LG company is on second position in selling flat screen TV’s however, there completion is stays with the leading Samsung Company of their own country.  

lg 3d tv ud biggest

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