Saturday 17 November 2012

5 Best Apps for Google Drive

After Google Drive release some users considered it to be just another alternative to Dropbox, while others look at it as if at additional feature that improves the functionality of the online Google office package. Well, to some extent both group of users are right. But in fact, it’s only a small part of Google Drive’s functions. Google Drive is a platform which can serve as a basis for a whole ecosystem of online applications. In order to add new web application to Google Drive you need to log into your account and press the button Create. From the menu you need to choose More and then Other apps.
As a result we’ll get to a special Google Chrome Web Store where you can find apps for Google Drive. The installation is available for other browsers as well. After installing an app you process with it the files that are stored in your Google Drive storage. You can manage the apps in a special window.  So here’re 5 most useful applications for Google Drive that you should be aware of.
google drive best new apps


Lucidchart is a special HTML5 program that allows you easily create diagrams, schemes, sketches. At the moment it’s one of the most powerful web applications of its kind. You can work either on your own or with any number of other participants. And all the changes will appear in real time mode.

Pixlr Express

One of the best solutions for quick photo editing. With its help not only can you perform all basic operations on editing and correcting the photos, but also add different effects, layers, etc. User-friendly interface and quick working process will make this editor your indispensable assistant for editing photos kept in your Google Drive storage.


This app will enable your Google Drive to support such popular e-books formats as epub, mobi and fb2. Thus you’ll be able to keep your e-books in Google Drive and open them with 8reader. The app also has a function of converting the formats of e-books.


SlideRocket is one of the best online apps for creating presentations and slide shows. The app provides you with greater functional than built-in Drive’s functions.

WeVideo for Google Drive

WeVideo for Google Drive is a functional editor for working with video. It works directly in your browser. With its help you can easily edit videos from you Google Drive, add effects and more. The results of your work you can publish in social networks or on YouTube.

Here’re 5 most interesting apps, in my opinion. All in all there’re about 40 of them available for download in the Chrome Webstore. Feel free to add them and enjoy the increased functionality of your Google Drive.
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