Thursday 22 November 2012

Introducing OnLive Cloud Gaming Service

The power of playing games in the cloud is not difficult to see. The first and most important advantage when you play it on OnLive is you need very little equipment and absolutely no console. Another benefit you will appreciate is the vast number of players with whom you can play, besides the multitude choices you have. The whole thing fits perfectly well for those who don’t want to be burdened with umpteen discs and hard disk space.
onlive cloud gaming

The OnLive Cloud is simply all advantage for everyone. There is almost something for everyone and lots of it. Your choices can cut across several preferences. If you want AAA blockbusters you can have it, or if you want a multiplayer environment you can get it too. You can select an OnLive PlayPack which will actually give you unlimited access to a big library of 200 games of console quality. If that is not enough to convince you, then you can begin first with a 30 minute free experience, and that surely will keep you coming for more.

Whether you own a PC, Mac or a tablet you will get a thrilling experience on OnLive Cloud. Whatever the hardware, the game will be streamed seamlessly from the cloud, making you feel as if you are playing from a console. If you want a richer experience, you can even stream the game to your HDTV and feel the thrill, and the apps for doing it is available with the OnLive Game System or VIZIO CoStar. There are also other ways to play the game like on LG Google TV, smartphones and Androids. Some of them even have OnLive built into them.

Better still than the various hardware options is the transportability of game from one device to another, and to accomplish all that, what you will need is nothing more than an internet connection. For example, if you are playing a game on your HDTV and wish to continue playing while you have to take that little journey to the countryside, all that you need to seamless continue is save it in the cloud and start playing it in the smartphone or an Android; simple as that.

OnLive is not just about playing games and quitting back to sleep. When you log into OnLive Go, remember you are jumping into an arena where hundreds and thousands of others are playing the same game as you are doing. This is an opportunity for making friends, starting a live chat or even discussing the game itself and how you can perform better. To top it all, you can even remain a spectator and see others play. Is that not what we do when we go to watch football in a real time play ground?

OnLive is also a great place to brag about your exploits at gaming. Take clips of your games and send links to your friends and family members to show how well you have performed. You can even invite your friends to join you in playing your favorite games. If you have a vast Facebook friends list, then why not even invite them to the arena at OnLive and have a great time.

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