Sunday 18 November 2012

ZTE Reportedly Testing 5.9-inch Windows 8 Phablet

Days after the release of Windows 8, Microsoft still manages to make headlines with its product leaks and rumors. First was the affirmative Xbox Surface, a mini tablet designed and dedicated to gamers and next is the speculative Windows Phablet, which is still in its development stage.

This rumored device from Microsoft has witnessed the undertaking by ZTE and is believed to be testing it for errors and fixes. Though no reliable information on technical specifications about the device has been revealed, the leak confirms that the phone will run on Windows Phone 8. Also, the phone will have a screen size that measures around 5.9 inches and will relatively support a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.
ZTE new windows 8 phablet

Microsoft is yet to confirm on the high definition features of the device and its compatibility towards 1080p displays. But, what we can presume is that the company has to infuse HD support to this new offspring if it plans to establish sustenance in the market, dominated by Android and iOS. 

Another rumor to add up to the already prevalent speculation is that the device may sport a DTS audio system. This is the same technology used by cinema halls and Blu-Ray disks to deliver audio in movies. If this turns out to be true, chances are that the device may easily skyrocket to dominance.

According to the surveys and third quarter reports, Windows Phone 8 holds only 2% of the entire Smartphone market, amidst the count of 75% by Android and 15% by iOS. The company is making all the efforts to promote Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems by deploying a lot of manpower and funds. It has also reportedly taken several steps to contact some of the big-shot carriers to undertake its outing.

As a response, AT&T has decided to undertake the Windows Phone 8 flagship product – Lumia 920 and roll it out for less than hundred dollars on a contract basis. Also, certain pricing strategies are being implemented by the carriers and the company in an attempt to make people use the phone, from Microsoft.

Though the perks are many, one of the biggest disadvantages that linger around OS 8 is the insufficiency of apps. When compared to the online application outlets of Apple and Google, Microsoft has the least collection in its database. However, the company is coming up with solutions for it as well by urging several developers to develop apps for Windows 8 and reap benefits. Though a slow start, we’re sure it will soon pick up pace.

And as far as the speculative Phablet is concerned, Microsoft has taken a wise move by selecting a niche that has the least competitors and the highest scope. With only a few companies such as Samsung, LG and HTC rolling out phablets, Microsoft’s entry can very well be beneficial for the company and the consumers. So, let’s hope the device functions as good as it looks and puts the company ahead in the race. 

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


  1. The final killer appliance will be a "full" Windows 8 inside a smartphone. It's already feasible.
    When you get to home or work, you dock your phone to a large monitor + keyboard + mouse. When on the go, it's all in your Pocket.
    Microsoft won't realize the life-saving truth too soon though. They separated Phone Windows, tablet Windows, PC Windows. Bad move, very shortsighted. When they finally unify the whole thing (2014?) it might be too late, Android and/or Samsung and/or Apple will have those appliances with their own OSes.

  2. Looking forward to such device running on Intel platform.

    As far as Win 8 being full featured with phone function, I believe there will be enormous market pressure on Microsoft to get this out quickly.