Thursday 3 January 2013

Wi-Fi – Things You Need to Know to Work Wirelessly

Today most of the organizations are advancing towards the wireless networks for both absolute ease for their staffs and financial savings in overall tools. Some of them even offer mobile PCs having wireless abilities to their staffs so that they can be useful anywhere anytime. In this short article, you will get the information on Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity, technology is one of the ways to connect your PC with the network utilizing no network cables and radio frequency. This technology works in the similar way as cordless phones; they use radio signals to transfer data from one place to another. However, you computer needs to be within the range of wireless network to be connected. There are three major types of wireless networks. They are:
  • Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN)
  • Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN)
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
A wireless PC card is the only thing you require to go wireless. If the card is not built-in, then you need to insert it in the PC Card slot. The card also includes an antenna. Additionally, you may also use wireless mice and keyboards, which will offer more flexibility and freedom while you are working in your home or office. You can be connected to the wireless network whether at work, at home, or on the go. 

Benefits of Wireless Networks

Easier Collaboration: You can easily share information and files with others using wireless portable PCs. For instance, you can share your course syllabus with attendees, or you can collaborate with your colleagues on a presentation while you are in airport due to delay in flight. 

Increased Productivity: The wireless networks help you to transform your leisure time in productive time. For instance, you just found that one of the conferences you were about to attend has been postponed or cancelled. Instead of wasting your time, you simply can check your mail, and start writing your trip report. 

Time Saving: You can check your email using your portable PC if you are waiting for an important response. Instead of running back to the office between meetings and other works, you can transfer the data to the specific party. 

Flexibility: The wireless networks don’t require any cables and offer you the flexibility of roaming along with your portable PC. You may do your office works from the comfort of your home or any other places. 

Things to Consider While Working Wirelessly

While working on the wireless networks from public places and hotspots, you are accountable for ensuring the security of your portable PC and your files. Usually, all the security is turned off by the public hotspots in order to make network access simpler for the users. So, it is more likely that any information you send from the hotspots is unencrypted, and anyone whether in the parking lot or at a next table within the range of wireless network can access your internet connection, and view your undefended information and files. 

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