Tuesday 22 January 2013

Voice Technologies of Apple and Android in Autos

The iPhone 4S got popularity for number of features. One of the new features that amused the users was SIRI. This technology helped many users of Apple iPhone to hear text messages and emails aloud. Another distinctive feature was that it could automatically convert your voice into text message and reply instantly. The Apple Company used the tag line for SIRI “Your wish is its command.” It is your personal robotic assistant.
Voice Technologies of Apple and Android in Autos
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Recently, General Motors is planning to expand their technological systems and introduce SIRI in their cars. GM motor is planning to introduce a dashboard button through which the users can access SIRI. It is expected that SIRI technology in cars will hit the market in Chevrolet Spark and Sonic Cockpits by the end of 2013. It will help many drivers to take guidance from SIRI. The microphone and speakers will be embedded during production. Auto drivers would be able to ask questions about nearest gas stations, restaurants etc.

This SIRI project is a joint venture of Apple and General Motors. Apple announced officially earlier this year that it is working with some auto motive companies to provide SIRI technology in the coming vehicles.
This latest technology is not only about providing easiness to the users, it will help to boost Apple sales. This initiative will provide Apple Company another market for investment. Presently, SIRI is available only in iPhone, and with this technology, Apple will generate more revenue.  


The Apple store and Android are strong competitors. Android have also recently stepped up in this competition. Google powers their voice technology and many people are using it in their smart phones. Android voice command is able to perform almost all the functions of SIRI. However, Apple being the pioneer of this technology has some edge on android users. Many users are familiar with Apple SIRI and they might prefer it over Android.
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Android is also working with some auto manufacturing companies to introduce android voice technology in cars. Ford is expected to bring in Android voice application in its cars by the end of this year. Many other companies like Honda, Toyota, and BMW are expected to introduce this technology by the end of 2014.

Keeping the competition on one side, such technology will help the people in navigating the places and will decrease the use of cell phones during driving. Progressively, it will result in decrease in overall accidents caused due to extensive use of cell phones for texting and calling. 
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