Friday 18 January 2013

New Warburtons Toastie Knife To Cut Solid Cold Butter by Heating

Especially in winters cutting a slice from a butters cube and spreading it on bread is one of difficult work. But as we know that need is mother of invention, Scientists introduce a Toastie knife which cuts butter by using heat.

warburtons heated butter knife

There is a small battery installed in knifes handle powered by AA cells. On action of press of button, battery generates heat and send it to a front section because of which knifes blade become hotter upto 41° C  with in fraction of seconds. This temperature is enough to melt solid cold butter.
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warburtons heated butter knife

Well this breakthrough does not seems to be a Hi-Tech product, but Warburtons solved problems of many mom which they usually face in early morning when preparing breakfast for their family. By using Warburtons toastie knife a thin slice can be easily separated from butters cube, and can be easily and smoothly spread on bread.
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