Monday 4 February 2013

Blink Burst Photo App for Windows Phone 8 | How to Use

A new app by Microsoft is being introduced for their users of Windows 8, in order to make their operating system more attractive. Blink is an app which allows you to capture a best moment by taking burst photos in windows 8 phone.

You can take a picture either by pressing a shutter button or simply tap to screen for more stable results. Unlike other camera apps the screen flashes to indicate that is capturing the moment. In fact the app captures both before and after you take the picture. After the capture you can use the film strip to select the best shot by sliding along a strip. Once you find the perfect shot simply press the save button. 
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This saves the frame to the normal camera roll. In addition the full set of shots is saved in case you want to return to it. In addition you can delete the capture with the trash button or go directly back to capturing with the X button. At any time you can also flip back through previous blinks by swiping in the shots from the left by pressing the three docks in the upper right you're given options to Edit, Share go directly back to Camera mode or Delete. Choosing Edit opens the entire rich media object containing all the shots. You can select a new shot to save to the camera roll or simply relive the moment. You can also share a shot directly from blink simply choose share for example mailed the image to a friend.

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Your camera roll holds all your saved shots from blink and from other camera lenses. The shots from Blinks allow you to return to Blink to see the full captured series. To select a new frame if desired you should be aware that if you delete the rich media object the next time you try to open a shot in blink it will be gone. Blink provides a simple way to never miss the instant you're trying to capture. Simply take a picture as you are used to, and find just that moment you're hoping for.

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