Thursday 21 February 2013

See World Interesting By Google Glass | Features and Price

On 4th April 2012 Google Started a new project named  as Project Glass. Definitely these are not like an ordinary glasses. These glasses are equipped with an internet access and android those are enough to perform a lot of actions in a totally different which you can't do before.
Google Glass

You don't need to use your hands anymore to perform tasks like sending message, browse internet, making videos, taking pictures, and blah blah. There is a built application in Google glasses like Apples Siri. To talk with it you just need to call it OK GLASS and then tell what ever you want to say through built in microphone. Once it comes in operation, a small semi transparent window would popup at right/left side in front of your eye screen. In this small screen you can clearly see what ever you want. You can read, send or scroll emails/messages, can find location and name of places where you are, can get know about strange things.

You can take pictures and also make videos through it by just saying OK Glass, Record a Video. There is also a feature to socialize stuff online with friends. There is also very interesting feature which really helpful for tourist is the Translation app. You can translate your voice either from native language into other or vice versa. And the translated voice would appear on screen in form of text. And the interesting is that you can also talk to it anything which you want. Same like Clever Funny Bot Chat Conversation.

Google Glass

Now lets comes onto it physical. Google glass is amazingly simple in design, available in some cool colors frames like Shale, Charcoal, , Sky, Cotton, Tangerine. The frame is quit strong, flexible, and light in weight. But the frames are free from glasses. But there is an option to customize them by installing color glasses or by just simply eye sight ones.

Yet the release date that when Google Project Glass will comes in market is not announced so, it is difficult to tell about its price. But as an explorer you can pre-order it in only a price of $1500 USD. 
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