Sunday 17 February 2013

New Worlds Tallest Building in Pakistan

Skyscraper are not only being made to cross the limits of heights, there are also being constructed to showoff  the power of technology, to get attention of world, to to attracts tourism from all over all the world, simply to earn revenue. And currently all of these are necessary for Pakistan to support its collapsed economy. And that is the reason that the founder of Pakistan's best construction company 'Bahria Town', Malik Riaz Hussain  signed a combined project with a Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan chairman of Abu Dhabi group to construct a tallest building of world in Kararchi, Pakistan.
Worlds Tallest BUilding Pakistan

If we look on list of worlds recently constructed biggest structures, then the race begins from New York, USA. They made worlds first tallest structure in 1913 named as Woolworth Building with a total of 57 floors giving it height of 241 meters. But today title of tallest Skyscraper is owned by Burj Khalifa with height of 828 meters. Burj Dubai completed in cost of only $1.5 Billion. But in case of Pakistan both parties (Bahria Town and Abu Dhabi Group) signed a deal of $45 Billion.

This investment by a private sector is supposed to be the first biggest one in history of Pakistan. Well, this is not the first time investment by Abu Dhabi group in Pakistan, they already have experience of successful investment in different projects in Pakistan, including Bank Alfalah, Wateen and Warid Telecom. In $45 Billion mega with Skyscraper construction, seven wonders of world are also been decided to construct.

According to the Malik Riaz, by the Grace of ALLAH (S.W.T), in the 16 years history of Bahria town we facilitate our customers 10 times more than their dreams. Our million of members are witness of it and also are ambassador of us. He also said that I'm confident that this mega project will solve employment issue by giving at-least 2.5 million jobs. And definitely will also grow economy of Pakistan by promotion of 55 different industries including cement, bricks, bars, metal, glass, etc. And all of the unique things which are made in Dubai ard Malaysia like Medical city, Internet City, Sports City will not be remain better anymore than structures which we will construct in karachi, soon. According to deal a new high tech city will be built on 16 thousand acres which also include 1.25 million homes, offices, shopping plazas, resturants, in short it would be enough to attract tourist from all over the world.
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Malik Riaz
Well the height and name of this skyscraper is kept in privacy but they cleared that after the completion of this project this building should be on top in list of worlds tallest buildings. And within a month construction of this mega city will started.

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