Tuesday 19 March 2013

Make a Cover for Facebook – Helps Your Facebook Cover Photo Stand Out

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people see when they click on your profile. While many people add family photos, collages, abstract images, various colors, and company slogans as their cover photo it still does not stand out as being something unique to your identity. This is where ‘Make a Cover for Facebook’ tool comes in. The time line cover maker has been designed for people to easily add a customized image as their Facebook cover photo. Given, that there are many other similar tools out there like ‘Pagemodo’ I wanted to show what makes this specific tool stand out from all the rest. In addition I also highlighted a few drawbacks of the tool as well.

princess time line cover

No Hassle Approach 

Unlike other Facebook cover photo design tools this one is 100% point and click. The point and click customization features allow users to tweak every part of their selected image. Things like clothes, hats, glasses, and the gender / type of character can be changed with a single click. The starting point of this tool is to select an image. You get to choose from nine available characters i.e. male, female, mangagirl, mangaboy, superhero, devil, monster, penguin and paperdoll. This is a lot like how some tools allow you to chose a theme for your cover photo.You can then customize almost every part of the selected character. However, for the time being it seems that the depth of customization for the background image is limited.

No Formatting or Tech Knowledge Required 

If you wanted to design a Facebook cover photo yourself you’ll need to know things like the dimensions of the picture, know how to change your cover photo and have a way of previewing the final results. The beauty of this time line cover maker is you do not need any of that knowledge. The tool automatically sets the right dimensions for the cover photo you design and all you have to do is to customize it until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Then once you are done you can simply hit the ‘Make Image Your Cover Photo’ button and it is uploaded to your profile. This takes out a lot of the heavy lifting required when designing a Facebook cover photo.

super hero timeline cover

A Few Drawbacks

The final outcome of your Facebook cover image is anything that you want it to be. However, because of the nature of the program it does feel like you’re in a sandbox. Unlike a similar tool called ‘Pagemodo’  you’re not able to add more items like pictures, text, additional colors etc., to the library. For instance, if you wanted to add your own picture or add an action figure you've designed, the tool does not offer this option. You’re also limited to cartoonish style images which may appeal to a younger audience or older people who want to highlight their more fun side. Also, you’re not able to add custom text to your cover image which may turn off certain people who want to establish some sort of professional presence like real estate consultants, marketing people / sales people, self help experts, etc. Having said that it is an easy tool to use and for anyone who wants to upload anything but family photos or those of celebrities it offers a refreshing alternative. Download Make a Cover for Facebook

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.