Tuesday 26 March 2013

Sony Smart Glasses and Google

A Japanese Company Sony, one of the most popular in brand names in electronics is decided to increase its product list and has patented Smart Glasses. I’m pretty much sure that you did not forget about the Google Project Glasses (If you missed it is highly recommended to read). It’s an intelligent glass carrying all necessary, important, and advanced features that we usually want to see in our smartphones. Google’s glasses are planned to release in last quarter of 2013, it allow users some stunning features like Voice texting, calling, Socializing, browsing, video capturing, etc.

Sony Smart Glasses

But now Google is no more alone in the field of smart glasses and have big tough competitor in form of Sony. Yet there is no official news is rolled out about the detailed features of new Sony Smart Glasses. But unlike Google, Sony has different design, and separate screens for both eyes. Both lenses are face adjustable, 2D, and rely on side projectors to send data. Also equipped with camera, microphone, headphones, etc. Big screens are seems to be good for getting more information at ones, but they might also have some disadvantages; creating problems in crossing road, etc.

Yet, it is bit difficult to tell when Sony will start work on its new product and would be its price, but one thing is cleared that the technology trend is shifting from Smartphones to Smart watches and glasses.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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