Tuesday 23 April 2013

Facebook New Logos Likely Metro But Forget to Change Favicon

Recently without any open announcement Facebook quietly replaced old logos including official logo, your pages logo and so many of others services with new ones. Tom Waddington who is Facebook developer break this news on his blog.
facebook main old and new logo

In a new Facebook official logo, a light blue horizontal line on the bottom of F is removed and after enlargement F reaches the lower end. The other weird change is replacement of opacity to transparency in F.  Simply now it seems that FB is not much interested in using color combination of white and blue and, allow you to show some creativity in using facebook logo..
New Facebook logos for pages Facebook developers, facebook live, facebook and Provacy, Sport, Security, Journalists, universities, non profits, mobile, US Govt.

Below is the image list of Facebook pages with captions which logos are redesigned. And after looking all of them it is cleared that Facebook is also invaded by Microsoft's metro style.

And the point to be noted is that it seems Facebook forget to change its favicon. You can also check it yourself by opening Facebook in new tab and look at tab on top, you will find an old logo with light blue line.
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