Saturday 27 April 2013

Enable Two Step Verification for Microsoft Account | Outlook, Bing, Skype

After 6 months of release of limited version, in February 2013 Microsoft’s advanced webmail service came out for everyone. With this release Microsoft officials also announced the Hotmail expiry date of June 2013 and, to shift its 300 million accounts to outlook.  Since from the first day experts considering outlook as a toughest competitor for Google’s Gmail and, indeed the Microsoft’s new webmail service Outlook is far better than and equipped with some of the most advanced features. And recently to protect account from being hacked Outlook released a new 2 steps verification system likely Google.
Microsoft two steps Verification

What is 2 Step Verification System

2 step verification system is one of the best method to protect account. Usually only password is being use as a key to sign in. But because of some serious incidents and threats of password theft, security experts introduced a new method in which you have to enter a verification code after entering correct password in order to verify that the person who is trying to access account is You. And, firstly Google started to use it. The main purpose behind two step verification is to make it harder for a hacker to access your account or a sensitive content just by using a stolen password.

How To Setup Microsoft's Two Step Verification System

In order to enable two step verification for Microsoft's products including Outlook formerly, Skype, Bing, Xbox live, etc. Go to this link or simply go to Outlook>Account Settings>Security. And then click on Set up two-step verification

Microsoft two step Verification
If want to continue Click on NEXT button when you will be redirected to next page. Now once again you will redirect to another page. In that page you have 3 options that how would you like to receive a verification code. The three mentioned options are Authenticator app, Phone number, and Alternate email address. I would recommend you to fill all of the methods if you are also a smartphone user otherwise at least go for Phone number and Alternate email address to have a good backup. All of the simple and easy steps in detail are there with each method, follow them to finish setting up. 

The one of main advantages of 2 factor verification is that you can also utilize it get back your account in case you forget your password. In case you want to disable or turn off 2 step verification just go the and click on turn off link. Just remember once you turned of you won't be prompted for a security code when you sign in on a device that isn't trusted.

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