Sunday 7 April 2013

Spiderman Speed Bump Can Stop Your's Car So Don't Be Over Smart

Run far away as much as quickly by a law violator after any violation of law because of fear of being caught is included in nature of criminals majority. They need a  speed and usually found a car as a best option. Mostly it is being observed that it is being very difficult for a police to chase and arrest high speed car riders. At that time police usually thinks and wish to have powers of fictional super heroes like Superman, batman and spider man. And now its seems that now they have no need to worry about it anymore because Department of Homeland Security of America invented a Spiderman Speed Bump technology to stop risky high speed vehicles.

Spiderman Speed Bump

Spiderman Speed Bump is a simply tool consisting of loaded metallic spikes in barrels energized by springs, a wrapped net and a metallic body. As soon as the cars front wheels cross over it, by the application of simple mechanism hidden spikes comes out and stuck in tires rubber after punctured. During the same time of puncturing tires a looped net with nails also comes out and in fraction of seconds wrapped on axles and deploys in only 175 milliseconds. Vehicle can't escaped once its captured. The net gives an effective capture of up to 40 mph and 6000 lbs.

speed bumps spikes net

These speed bumps are removable, temporary, portable and easy to build. This non lethal vehicle arresting device can easily be operate via remote from up to 300 ft. Some of the major potential applications highlighted by Pit-Bul includes border crosses, military bases, DUI checkpoints  etc. Well any way its more safer than tradional spikes which are dangerous and rarely results in injuries, it is quick and easy to operate.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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