Saturday 11 May 2013

How To Delete Twitter Tweets Automatically in X mintues | efemr

There are a lot of online apps to delete tweets archive, messages, allows to send automatic direct messages to new twitter followers, etc. but non of them claimed to delete specific tweets in a specific time. So, this is where efemr comes in.
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What is efemr

efemr is a free twitter app; available for both web and mobile phones, allows you to assign an expiration time to your new tweets. After the time assigned by user the tweet will wipe out not only for public but also from your profile.  It is not an app to delete tweets in bulk its only for selective ones.

How To Use efemr

To start using efemr, first of all go to and sign in using your twitter account and give it authorization. Now go to twitter account and in last in end of tweet just simply assign a time either in minutes or in a hours by using '#' tag.
efemr tweet testing
Approximately after 1-4 minutes the tweet will be deleted automatically.

After the deletion of your tweet it will get listed in List of Deleted Post in efemr account with status, Create Date and Retweet option.
You can use it in many ways for example; to remove your conversation, for giveaways for first comes, etc.

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