Saturday 29 June 2013

Worlds Tallest Buildings | Infographic

The world’s most populous towns feature skylines of cloud-skimming skyscrapers.  These immense buildings were once reserved for businesses, as residential areas expanded.  Nowadays, however, these towering giants are becoming home sweet home to families around the globe. has published an informative infographic on some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, along with what they’re used for.  This infographic also lists the tallest buildings in each US state, along with their uses.
Worlds Tallest Buildings infographic
If you’re looking to visit the tallest residential buildings in the world, Dubai is the place to be.  They play host to a virtual race to the sky.  The four tallest buildings in the world are in Dubai.  The Princess Tower Dubai, in United Arab Emirates, is 1358.3 feet tall, with 101 floors.  It’s one of the newest skyscrapers, built in 2012.  The second tallest is 23 Marina Dubai, at 1,289 feet, and 90 floors, built in 2012.  The third tallest is the Elite Residence Dubai, at 1,250 feet and 91 floors, followed by the Marina Torch Dubai, at 1,142 feet, with 80 floors.

Of the 40 tallest residential buildings in the world, the United States plays host to only two; both of which are in New York.  The Trump World Tower in New York City, which is 861 feet high and has 72 floors, and the Barclay Tower, which is 673 feet high, and has 56 floors.

This infographic also outlines the tallest buildings in each state, along with what they’re used for, starting with Alabama’s Mobile RSA Battle House Tower, which is 745 feet tall, and is used for business, and ending with a residential complex in Wyoming, Laramie White Hall, which is 200 feet tall, and is used for residential purposes.

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