Wednesday 12 June 2013

Time to Get a New Short Yahoo Email Account for Free

Currently Yahoo mail is the third largest web-based email service. But now its seems that soon it will not remain any more for short period of time. Because, Yahoo decided to wipe out all old smelly fishes from there servers.
In Yahoo Tumblr blog, Yahoo.Inc officials announced that in coming step they are going to delete all yahoo email accounts which are not being used since from one year or more. The main reason behind this step is to just allow new or faithful users to create accounts with simple, memorable and short email ID's. for example instead of
From 15th July 2013, the decision shall enter into force and all Yahoo users will get the opportunity to stay with ID which they have always wanted. And by 15th August the users can get know which ID they got among the claimed ones.

In order to prevent your account from any possible danger you should need to do sign-in in any of Yahoo product before 15th July 2013.

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