Wednesday 7 August 2013

Worlds First Artificial Meat for Hamburger of Cost $330000

I don't know whether you read it or not, on 14th march 2012 we featured an article that scientist are experimenting on bio technology stem cells in order to create a artificial meat for Hamburgers. Now the dutch scientists revealed their success news regarding Test Tube Burger project.

hamburger meat

Scientists used multiplication of stem cells process to create artificial meat for Hamburgers. Summary: they took muscle cells from two ecological farm cows. Then they apply multiplication process to grow cells in laboratory to form small strands. Once strands reached to a total of approx. 20,000 they compacted them for a meat for hamburger. This process took 6 weeks to complete and cost them around $330000 USD. So, you can say it is world's most expensive meat for hamburgers.

Some food experts also tasted it and according to them this fat free burger meats taste is close to real beef.

Now they are few general questions that

As in coming future expert expecting artificial shortage because of food misuse and evil minded businessman's. So is in future we will see an addition of meat factories in food factories chain?
For it my answer would be NO seems at-least not possible before 20 years.

Will it get popularity among people?
Yes obviously, this costly meat for hamburgers will surely get popularity. But there is another thing that Will people accept it or not? At-least I would not. 

This artificially generated hamburger meat is producing tons of moral questions and arguments, if you also have any let us know via comments. And, will you dare to eat it if someone offer you it for free? :)

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