Sunday 4 August 2013

Jungle Jump One of Good Android Games | Review

From few days I'm stick with a fun and addictive android game. Jungle jump is not new in android market but still it has lot more fun potential than other apps. In this app a little silver monkey need your help to climb as high as possible on parallel trees. 

Good android games free for smartphones

In this app player has to help monkey to go up on trees by keeping it safe from branches and enemies; baboons, bees, mosquitoes,etc. The number and types of enemies will increase gradually with height. To keep your monkey at safe side you need to continuously tap the screen to jump on parallel trees.
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Well I don't say that it is one of the best free android games which I have ever played but the games sounds are really amazing; background music and, the monkey screams when it hits the baboon butts. Probably it is the funniest moment and at that time I really wish that somehow my monkey will also get some super powers to hit baboons so hard to throw them down.

Good android games for smartphones free

The another good thing about jungle jump app is that it is offline / online android game. After enabling wireless network with smartphone your score will automatically get saved in online list of High Scores of all users from all of over the world. You can boost your score by breaking tree branches, killing snakes and flies, by eating flying fruits, collecting coins and, by killing baboons too but only possible by fire shield which you will get when you reach to 12000 plus points.

Jungle jungle is small app, simple to play, challenging, cool, addictive, free, super fun app with online scores. Overall I would like to say it is one of good android games. And, you should really try this super fun game if you have android phone.

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