Saturday 31 August 2013

How To Compare Text Files Online Free

Comparemyfiles is a free online tool to compare two files. Some times we need to compare text documents in order to make sure documents are identical and to find difference between documents if there is any left.

compare text documents

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Well already dozen of softwares to compare two files are available but, as for most of people they rarely need to compare documents. So, to avoid to download softwares in computer, you can use comparemyfiles to compare two text files. It is very easy to use, even you don't need to register yourself before using this online tool.

To compare two text files visit, and choose desired files. Now select either to see differences or complete document with highlighted differences. Click on compare files button.

Now there are some limitations that you can only compare txt files (notepad). I have tried to compare pdf files, excel, ppt, docx, documents but it show errors in results. They might solve it later but till now you can't compare files other than txt.

As comparemyfiles is online tool so, you don't need to worry about to download the compatible software according to your operating system; Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, etc.
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