Thursday 29 August 2013

15 Most Beautiful and Custom Pocket Knives

Don't know about many of people but I see pocket knife as an awesome tool with versatile uses. Some of common uses of pocket knives include; help to open courier boxes and food bags, to get rid of useless or dead leafs or branches, useful in fruits cutting and food making. Pocket knives are also quite helpful to keep you safe from attackers and also a handy companion when you were on outing. Now a days beside it versatile usage, people likes to customize pocket knives by customizing grippers, blades, colors, styles, materials, etc. and moreover want to personalize pocket knives with their names or brands. 

Below I have shared a collection of 15 most beautiful, cool, personalized and custom pocket knives.

custom pocket knife G10
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custom pocket knife Griptilian 551BM 101 Ambidextrous thumb stud opener COM M4 tool steel with black coating carbon fiber textured handle

custom pocket knife Monarch Longhorn

custom pocket knife Zero Knives  Flywheel

custom pocket knives 1

custom pocket knives 2

custom pocket knives 3

customized pocket knives Boker rhino

customized pocket knives ZT 0550 by worldofwoodcraft

engravable pocket knives BACK BITE

engravable pocket knives Switchblades Smith and Wesson Knife My Switchblade

personalized pocket knives Bullseye GRP

personalized pocket knives Engraver Andrew Ovalles

personalized pocket knives Power Glide knife

personalized pocket knives Scrimshaw
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  1. i find the fascination with knifes very interesting, especially the twirling of the butterfly knifes….