Friday 16 August 2013

Yahoo Started To Delete Inactive Accounts in Bulk

As Yahoo promised on 11 June 2013 and after the end of 1 month deadline to make inactive email accounts active just by sign-in, Yahoo! started to delete all inactive accounts from there servers. The removal of email accounts was pre-planned and, a part of process to give a fair chance to Yahoo active users who wanted to get a short and memorable email ID's of their own choice via wish list.

Get a Short Yahoo Email ID
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The removal of inactive email accounts in bulk has been confirmed by an email to inform me about the deletion of inactive addresses from my contact list. The email was;

Dear Syed Shah,
As part of our continuing effort to provide you with a wonderful Yahoo! Mail experience, we want to make sure the mail you send gets to the friends, family or other contacts you are trying to reach. In support of this commitment, we have removed Yahoo! email addresses from your address book that are no longer valid. All other information remains part of your address book.
Plus, it’s simple to import contacts from Gmail or Facebook in two easy steps. Get started now.
The following email addresses have been removed:
It seems that the process of getting new usernames is just near to be end. So, if you claimed any usernames via yahoo wishlist then keep checking your email account. Because Yahoo said,
In mid-August, you’ll get an email letting you know which of your picks is available, with link to claim it within 48 hours. And just like that, it’s all yours.
how many days until february 14 2016 - february 16 2016

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