Tuesday 3 September 2013

11 Best Useful 3D Printed Products

Since from couple of years the 3d printing technology has made it very convenient to get the desired products in physical from sketches. For example by use of 3d printing technology now car companies don't hire model makers to make 3d car models by trimming in weeks to months. Now via 3D printing technology you just need a blueprint of 3d object, a 3d printer, relevant material and, time from minutes to hours depend on 3d object size and complexity.

3d printed clothes dress for girls
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3D printing is not just limited to make prototypes or miniature models of objects like space shuttles, cars, engineering products and parts, etc. Luckily now by utilizing your creativity and imagination you can print your own customized 3d products that can be use in daily life. Checkout the collection of 11 best and useful 3D printed products.

3D Printed Weapons

Rifles, pistols  and other similar weapons that can be use for safety purpose have been made and tested successfully by firing rounds. Currently 3D printing technology works on layer addition process and lack of availability in material selection, results in less stronger objects in some dimensions in comparison to conventional ones. That's why you will see 3D printed guns with odd designs.

3D Printed gun

3D Printed Bow Tie

This bow tie is elastic band free, and light weight. You just need to slide the bow back slot in button. But, it will cost you more than a normal almost $115 USD.

3d printed bow tie

3D Printed Buttons

The coolest thing about these beautiful 3D printed buttons is, they are made by use of PLA polymer which is biodegradable under specific conditions.

3d printed buttons

3D Printed Cortex Cast

This advanced, washable, recyclable, ventilated and lightweight cortex cast is seems to be the future of healing broken bones by replacing conventional unhygienic casts made of plaster / fiber glass.

3d printed cortex cast

3D Printed Dress

Be your own dress designer by use of your own creativity and imagination and release new fashions in market.

3d printed clothes

3D Printed Mobile Covers

3d printed smartphone mobile cell phone covers cases

3D Printed Shoes

Print your own unique shoes at night just few hours before party.

3d printed shoes sandals for boys and girls

3D Printed Glasses

colorful beautiful 3d printed glasses

3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

3D printers does not only revolutionizing gadgets, this technology is also being used in medical to create windpipes, legs, lungs, etc.

3d printed prosthetic leg lung limbs windpipes medical

3D Printed Wrist Watch

Strong, gorgeous, light weight and durable Rvndsgn titanium wristwatch is manufactured by use of laser sintering 3d printing technology. It would cost you around $600 USD.

3d printed watch beautiful expensive wristwatches titanium leather straps

3D Printed Jewelry

Create beautiful jewelry with personal touch as gift for someone special.

3d printed jewelry gold ring beautiful

The 3D printing technology has shown the great progress but still its under development. So, still there is a lot of work required for improvement on the downsides of 3D printed products. For example; on Strength, Softness or rubber like material, material selection, time, and cost.
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