Sunday 1 September 2013

How To Remove Corn Kernels In Seconds With Corn Twister

Everybody likes to eat corn (maize) kernels either as roasted with salt, pepper and lemon, as popcorn's, in soup or in any other dish. But, the thing which irritate some folks and take plenty of time is to remove corn kernels from cob. Some folks use knife to speed up a process to remove corn kernels but, no doubt its hazardous. So, if you are looking to remove corn kernels easily, safely, cleanly and quickly then you should try a new gadget Corn Twister.

corn twister

Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister is a fun gadget to cleanly strips corn in seconds. See how its easy to use Corn Twister. Just hold the end of the cob with the green silicone leaves to protect your fingers from stainless steel sharp corners of cob. Then, twist the silicone cob down to remove its kernels with in seconds. Check out below animated gif.

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You can buy Corn Twister from Amazon at reasonable price of $16 USD.
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