Tuesday 10 September 2013

How To Embed Google Plus Post In Blog Website

After facebook Now Google also released a new feature to embed Google plus posts in to blog post. So, from now you can integrate any publicly available Google plus post directly into your blog / website in order to share it with your friends.

How To Embed Google Plus Photo Post Video in Blog website

Go to Google plus and click on small arrow icon appears with mouse hover on top right than, select a Embed Post from drop down. Copy the first JS script and paste it in your website just right after or before tags. (Note: First make sure that this script is not already added in your blog theme / template to avoid duplicate. Because as in my case I already added this script to show Google plus button below each blog posts.)

steps to select embed post from drop down options

Then copy the second code (marked in green as 4 in screenshot) and paste it in your blog post text wherever you want to show Google plus post.

google plus script codes to integrate post

Checkout below GIF post which I have embedded via Techij Google plus page.

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january 27 2016 - how many days until march 5 2016

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