Wednesday 4 September 2013

Angry Passenger Spends $1000+ On Sponsored Tweets To Criticize British Airways

Today something strange comes to see in twitter feeds. A passenger (@hvsvn) goes angry with British Airways after lost his luggage and didn't get it back. According to the hvsvn, first he decided to send BA a telegram but, then he realized to use world's most popular micro-blogging site Twitter because it was faster and effective way. In sponsored tweets hvsvn especially targets BA followers. Hvsvn also get responses from BA officials on Twitter.

twitter sponsored tweets

In a sponsored campaign named as I Can HAZ My Baggage? hvsvn promoted a total of 14 tweets of worth more than $1000 approximately. Well in this unique protest hvsvn also added some humor by use of some interesting memes.

twitter sponsored tweets

Approximately after 30 hours of the first tweet hvsvn won and got what he wanted. But till now, BA hasn't offered him any compensation (Now @hvsvn removed this part from his tweet) and nor he showed any interest. In emotions he also decided never to fly again with British Airways on twitter.
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