Tuesday 1 October 2013

Facebook Allows To Search Post and Status Updates Via Graph Search

Via newsroom in a week Facebook announced another feature related to posts is that now you can search status updates or posts from graph search. In order to make a refine search you must need to enter a additional words along your desired keywords in Facebook graph search to find status updates, posts, check-ins, comments and all things which are available publicly.

facebook graph search

Below are the few examples with additional words which you will need to search posts on Facebook via graph search:

1. If you want to find your Facebook posts from archive then you must need to specify a time in query. For example to find your own posts from last year the search query should be like this "my posts from last year", or use "my posts from august 2013" to find your all posts from the month of August 2013. 

2. To find all posts on which you have commented you need to use "Posts I commented on".
3. Hash tags are quite useful to describe posts topic and it also makes easy to find all publicly shared posts using same hashtags. But still most of people don't use it. But, now via Facebook graph search you can find posts which contains your desired keywords. In order to find posts about city, place make your query as "Posts written at the White House", and to search post from your friends with specific keywords use query "Posts about atoz by my friends".

facebook graph search status updates find posts
The previous update related to posts is Facebook adds a new feature for desktop and new android app version users is the ability to edit their posts as same we do for comments. Before this features users had to rewrite a new post after realizing a mistake. But now you can (not currently released for iOS users) you can edit your posts and you and viewers can also see the edit history of posts by click edited appears at post bottom left.

facebook post edited history

The Facebook new feature to search status updates, comments, etc. is rolling out across the world progressively. So, probably you will see "Post search is not yet supported" notification at your side.

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