Tuesday 24 December 2013

NoteShred Released V2 To Send And Track Secure Emails For Free

NoteShred a web application to send encrypted, password protected, and self destructive emails for free launched in 2013's first quarter has just launched their second version with a whole bunch of new functionalities in it.


Here's just a few of the new features now available.

User Accounts and Dashboard

The most prominent new feature is the addition of user accounts. Registering a user account now gives you many benefits but most notably it allows you to manage your notes and view what interactions have occurred on each note from a single location.

More frequent users will be happy to see a clear listing of previously created notes in the new user dashboard which makes managing and resending notes so much easier.

noteshred dashboard

Once you create an account, your email address cannot be used to send a note without being signed in. This prevents people being able to pose as your self.

NoteShred recommend all users register an account to reserve their email addresses.

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Note Sharing

When someone shares a note with you using the "Send this note" button on the site, you will receive the usual email notification but it will also appear in the "Shared Notes" section of your user dashboard. This means you no longer have to go searching for emails to find notes someone else has sent to you. Simply login and check your shared notes

Preview Before Sending

Viewing your own notes when logged in will no longer cause them to shred. This allows you to login and view previously created notes without worrying that they will shred after you have viewed them.

Interaction Tracking

Interactions such as views, downloads, failed login attempts and note lockouts are all recorded and geocoded. For each note you can now view a history of all interactions directly from within your user dashboard.

noteshred tracking

Visit NoteShred.com to start sending encrypted and self destructive emails with a whole new experience or learn how to send secure emails via noteshred.
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